Welcome to the site where I wear my editing hat. (You can think of it as a newsboy cap if you like.) I have been tidying up, poking holes in, rearranging and repunctuating written works for most of my life, and the more of it I do, the more I enjoy it. If you are looking for an editor for your novel, thesis, or even just a term paper, I am here to help you out. If you are planning to self-publish (especially e-publish) a book, you need an editor. There are endless seas of books out there in all genres, and if you want yours to stand out for its original plot and fabulous characters, you don’t want to turn off your readers with typos on page one. If you also need a cover, may I point you at my associate, Joris Ammerlaan, who does fabulous things with graphics. For those of you in academia, however, a little caveat before we go any further:

I will not write your paper for you.
I will not fact-check your paper.
I will not do any of the creative or research work that
you’re supposed to do yourself to get a grade.

Okay, so now that that’s out of the way, here’s what I will do.

  • I will tidy up your grammar, punctuation, and phrasing.
  • If it’s a work of fiction, I will (on request) give you feedback on pacing, plotting, tightening, and all those things that you want just so before submitting for publication.
  • If English is not your first language (or if you’re just having trouble expressing yourself), I will work things into idiomatic usage.

I do best with works of fantasy, mystery, historical and general fiction, but I am more than capable of telling the difference between what is good and what I like (in both directions), so will accept other genres as well. I have done everything from traditionally published mysteries to chemistry theses to teen romance – I find that variety keeps things interesting, don’t you?  So head to the tabs at the top of the page and get in touch!


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